Digital transformation is not anymore an emerging trend, it’s a wave that has now reached all continents and business sectors! I started online in 1998 when the travel industry understood that the future of travel will be online. From over 5000 brick and mortar travel agencies in France there are now less than 2000 and now, most travel is now booked online. What happened in the Travel industry is now happening in every corner of our world. Agriculture is now connected, truck drivers are assisted by AI, law firms are automating repetitive processes, administrations are proposing their services online…

B2B as well as B2C businesses now need to establish seamless experiences while showcasing their brands and services across all their customers’ touchpoints, devices, and digital channels. Digital and physical world have now merged and this will accelerate with 5G.

All businesses, including brick and mortar, need to make the most of large volumes of data and analytics to shape and predict market opportunities to stay ahead of the pack. Easy to say but a lot harder to plan, decide and execute. It is therefore essential to set, communicate and execute a comprehensive digital strategy with the help of an external digital transformation consultant.

Why external, because bringing an external focus on your business is key to provoke sometimes difficult however required conversations and decisions. Deep transformation rarely happens without any friction and bringing an external point of you can often help to dispassionate internal debates to accelerate transformative decisions.

“Defining your digital strategy”

Your digital strategy outlines all of the digital tools, marketing elements, and ways you’re going to use them to grow your organization. Before setting a digital strategy it’s important to set goals. Some typical goals are:

However, one of the core goals of any digital strategy is to establish a community engaged with the brand to bring in more customers to your touch points, physical or online. To achieve this goal, you need to understand the key pain points of your customers, their wishes, interests, and how to deliver value through your online marketing.

  • 01
    Improving customer support and satisfaction
  • 02
    Driving sales in new territories and audiences
  • 03
    Building a lead generation machine
  • 04
    Educating consumers
  • 05
    Building brand awareness

“Having a digital strategy is no longer an option – it’s a must ”

The whole world has been affected by digitalization in the past two and a half decades, with 4.6 billion active internet users and 3.6 billion social media users worldwide. Companies can no longer randomly go digital and try to tap into this vast market. 

To do this, they need actionable digital growth hacking strategies. There are a lot of opportunities, but your digital strategy helps you recognize the right ones for your business and execute them most effectively.

“Crucial aspects of any digital strategy ”


UX and UI

User experience and user interface are essential for your website and your social media accounts. These two things help customers read your site or social media profile easily, navigate through your pages, find the information about a service or product they need, and complete transactions easily.


Content production and content strategy

Your social media accounts and website are connected strategically with content. Creating valuable content that brings value to customers and offers relevant information will engage them and increase shares and likes. Understanding how to produce a vast amount of high quality multilingual, multiformat content at a competitive cost is much more complex. Enabling an in house organised content creative culture is something you need to learn from skilled experts and I believe that I have this expertise having build content strategy and content production forces for many successful global online brands including Google, American Express or Expedia.

It’s your tool for building strong brand awareness, removing clutter on your customer’s journey, and boosting sales. At the same time, it helps you establish relationships with more customers and extend your reach.


Consistency and style guides

Your whole digital approach needs to be consistent. That means creating consistent content, communicating with potential customers, updating your presence, brand visuals, and the experiences you create. Establishing your style guide that will define your tone, your identity, that will move your content from average to great.

360 degrees
approach to creating
your digital strategy

Creating a digital strategy encompasses all corners of your company . It’s essential to look 360 degrees, not just technology, but vision, and understand your customers’ aspirations. At Eric Ingrand Consulting, we have to take helicopter views, take the time to understand the current and future audiences to link digital transformation with core business strategy. I like to take a holistic view at business challenges and then understand how technology can serve your purpose with realistic time and budget. Working with us you will get:

  • 01

    Understanding your audience to build a clear business strategy

  • 02

    Determining low hanging fruits ready to collect

  • 03

    Actionable insights:

    insights give clarity on what your business and customers need, why, and how;

  • 04

    New capabilities:

    to create flawless integration within your organization by adding new methods of engaging your audiences or improving your current efforts;

  • 05

    New technologies:

    modern tools that maximize your brand’s interaction with customers while boosting your overall efficiency and ROI;

“We fix what is broken”

After analyzing your processes, we will work on repairing all the experiences that aren’t working. It will prevent losing customers, improve your ROI, and show your customers that you are actively addressing their issues.

“We optimize”

Our digital strategy consulting services don’t involve simple repairs – certain processes are more complex and need to be optimized. We will perform complete overhauls of your processes to develop practices that will give you better results.

“We bring innovative marketing stack”

Any seasoned digital transformation consultant understands that innovative solutions give you that key advantage over the competition. With new solutions, we will create a space for your business that wasn’t visible initially and help you achieve digital modernization.

Growth orientated
digital tranformation
action plan

Transforming your business to adapt it to today’s and tomorrow’s consumers’ evolution is not anymore an option. It integrates innovative digital technologies into different aspects of your business while changing your whole operation and creating additional value for your customers.

At Eric Ingrand Consulting, we take a proactive approach to redefining all your processes and developing better strategies to run your business. The clearest benefits of this approach are saved time and resources. Redefining the growth culture and sharing the growth hacking mindset to our clients marketing leadership team.

With the right automation solutions, we can free your employees of mundane tasks and let them get creative at work to bring you more value. It allows them to find new revenue streams and business opportunities.


Bringing data and
innovation together

Combining data with the right technologies will help you make the right business decisions while being efficient. Failure is not an option – with our data management and marketing automation services, you will be able to:

  • 01

    Reduce staffing costs and let your employees be creative;

  • 02

    Make your sales & marketing teams accountable and collaborate better;

  • 03

    Refine the marketing process you’ve set in place;

  • 04

    Improve your data governance;

  • 05

    Boost your revenue and deal size.

Digital marketing strategy
agency for your needs

Contact Eric Ingrand Consulting and build winning growth oriented digital marketing strategies to accelerate growth. Hire Eric Ingrand Consulting to accelerate your company complex digital transformation today. Align all your digital resources and tools while coordinating sales and marketing without friction to get the best possible results. This is what we do with passion and we are looking forward to helping you grow ! Please get in touch if you have questions.


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