“What is Content Marketing”

Traditional marketing is becoming more costly and complicated to measure and scale.

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, you need to understand that you have now the opportunity to be your own publisher, to cut the barrier between your audience and your services by creating and publishing your own content on the right channels.show more…

Where is your audience, what content they consume, what do they need, how can you help them are basic questions I want to help you answer. This is the first step to building a long term content strategy to reach your business goals (lead generation, brand awareness…)

Content marketing is a set of actions that always come with a strategic approach, a content strategy. It encompasses various actions ranging from creating to distributing valuable and relevant content to reach your targeted audience, bringing value to engage. The goal of content marketing is to attract your target audience and entice the desired customer behavior. The goal is to place your brand, your site as a valuable resource for your targeted audience, not only when they need to buy.

I help my customers understand their audience and create valuable content to generate long term traffic and leads without having to only rely on paid advertising on paid advertising strategies.show less…

“What is quality
Modern Content

Content marketing keeps on evolving because channels are evolving, because the audience is moving. Quality modern content marketing calls for a next-level approach to achieving your goals, whether launching a new product or penetrating a new market.

Every target audience is unique. The one-size-fits-all content marketing strategy is no longer (and probably was never) viable. Customization and personalization are two main factors driving the change in content marketing. For content to be great, it no longer has to be high quality only; it also has to be relevant and distributed on the right channels and communities.show more…

Quality (modern) content marketing also considers the popularity of various digital platforms and communication channels. Brands diversify their approach and launch strategies across the most effective channels to reach as many people as possible. We will help you identify the right channels, audience and content format to optimize your reach, drive qualified traffic that generate the right leads.show less…

“Content Marketing
Change How
Brand Engage
With Audience”

Content marketing like the internet is a very dynamic field. Trends, tools, channels change extremely rapidly.  The chances are that it’s going to stay that way forever. How come? The way we interact with digital content is constantly evolving, driving consistent changes in the content you need to produce. People get bored very easily and our job is to make sure your content stands out and drives value.

Multicultural Content marketing experts were first to figure out that content performs differently in certain demographics, geographical areas, and digital platforms. Furthermore, content performance changes along with the audience.show more…

Finally, content marketing forced brands to reevaluate their audience engagement strategies. Focus has shifted from producing a massive volume of content to creating content that genuinely ties to the audience’s pain points and brings value.show less…

“Telling a True, Honest, and Engaging Story is the Backbone of Content Marketing ”

People love honest, trustworthy, real stories. They are more eager to remember and share a good story than some dull wall of text. A great story doesn’t only engage a reader but inspires them to take action. That’s precisely why modern content marketing relies on storytelling.

Storytelling can help bring brands to life and even surpass cultural boundaries making that content relevant worldwide. Instead of solely relying on how-to content, guides, and brochures, brands now share true “behind-the-scenes” stories. It adds the missing piece to the content marketing strategy puzzle – the human element, enabling the audience to identify with the brand.

“How is content marketing evolving in 2021?”

In 2021 content is more and more liquid, platform agnostic, quality driven. Content marketing keeps on evolving, just like the internet evolves. There are many factors now that drive the changes in content marketing. The main ones include increased use of mobile devices, new social media platforms, and voice search.

Brands and entrepreneurs are responding to these changes in different ways. However, some trends clearly tell us in what direction content marketing is moving in 2021.show more…

For instance, brands use content marketing to build communities. Instead of focusing on long-term content, brands have started publishing niche content focusing more on long-tail keywords. The stories are finally catching up with other content types. Google Web Stories and Instagram Guides emerged as platforms that enable marketers to write and share stories with large audiences.

Finally, brands are starting to personalize content for different personas. Instead of delivering the same content to all customers, brands now aim to have custom content for every customer journey stage. They track and record past interactions with leads to offer them personalized content and drive sales based on each identified personas. Reason why it’s key to understand your different audiences and personas.show less…

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Content Marketing
Consultant Services
With Eric Ingrand

Content marketing is not only a complex field, but it also keeps evolving. Here at Eric Ingrand Consulting, we are focused on providing content strategy and build outsourced content creation and SEOs teams with businesses of all sizes... Content marketing is not only a complex field, but it also keeps evolving. Here at Eric Ingrand Consulting, we are focused on providing content strategy and build outsourced content creation and SEOs teams with businesses of all sizes. We always start by Auditing all your digital touch points to build a comprehensive, measurable and realistic strategy. You then decide if you implement that with your own resources or with outsourced resources see more

“ Content Strategy”

We will consult you on your current content marketing strategy. Whether you need a consultation on B2C or B2B content marketing strategies, we can be of assistance. We will analyze your brand and your current strategy to identify the best way to use content to better connect with your customers, expand your digital presence, and solve your business problems.

“ SEO Strategy”

For content to perform well, it has to be based on a well-researched SEO strategy. Here at Eric Ingrand Consulting, we have an SEO specialist standing by to help assess your current SEO strategy. Site Audit, keyword research, link building, Data driven SEO strategy, predictive SEO and innovative Google PSO influence strategy. Let us know what you need to rank and we will help you get there.

“ Keyword Research”

Better positioning in search engine result pages will lead to more organic traffic. We can help you climb up the ranks in SERPs through data-driven keyword research. We will provide you with short-tail and long-tail keywords to focus on.

“ Outsourcing Content Creation”

If you don’t have copywriters on your team, we are standing by to help you outsource your entire content creation needs. We only work with experienced content writers to ensure high content quality. We can help build your outsourced network of content creators and assist you to find the right stack to automate part of your content creation work using translation as well as content creation AI.

“ Outsourced Content Team Creation And Management”

Let Eric Ingrand Consulting handle your entire outsourced content operation. We will assemble a team of professional writers and manage it to ensure everything goes according to your content marketing calendar.

“ Outsourced, Local Video Content Production”

Yes we can 😉 Leveraging video for content marketing purposes doesn’t have to be complicated. We can help you identify the best way to use videos in content marketing, both for startups and established businesses. Let us handle the entire video content production process so that you can focus on your core tasks.

“ Translation Automation ”

If you need a global content strategy, you will need to translate your content to the local language of your target audience. Here at Eric Ingrand Consulting, we can help you with all your content translation needs. We work with native speakers to ensure the consistent quality of content through all translations. 

Are you ready to take your content marketing production and strategy seriously and bring content at the center of your Marketing strategy ? Use the contact form to get in touch, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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