Is Digital Transformation Already Done, or Are We Just at the Very Beginning of a Much Longer, Deep Movement?

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Today, many people can’t imagine their lives without technology and all kinds of digital tools. It became an essential part of our everyday lives, both professional and personal. However, with the latest tech playing a major role in our lives, many wonder whether the digital transformation process has already ended or perhaps it has launched a much longer and deeper movement. In this article, you can find everything you need to know about digital transformation and find the answer to the ultimate question – is digital transformation completed, or has it just begun?

What is digital transformation really and why you need a Digital Transformation Strategy?

Before we dive deeper into the process of digital transformation, it’s important to define what digital transformation really is.

Digital transformation is the process of creating new or modifying old processes by using modern technology. Today, just about any process can be digitized. People enjoy the digital transformation across all spheres – from business processes, market requirements, and customer experiences to cultural experiences, messaging, and video chatting.

As a process that started in developed countries, digital transformation has reached even the most remote parts of the world by now, including the distant villages of Africa. Locals possess mobile phones and make online payments with Mpesa, signaling that digital transformation is present in all corners of our planet. All sectors ar concerned and it is key for every business owner to undertand this. Digital Strategy Consulting can help you tackle the right decisions to accelerate the digital transformation of your business. From bakery to the largest mine, every industry is needs a precise digital transformation strategy to survive in the next decades. It’s not anymore an option.

Most companies don’t have a digital transformation strategy!

Although the significance of digital tools is undoubtedly immense, most companies still don’t have a mapped-out digital strategy they follow to make their online presence profitable.

Engaging a skilled digital strategy consultant can be the right option when you want to have a bird eye viwe, someone external. . The purpose of having an external digital strategy consultant to craft your digital transformation strategy with your teams is to accelerate decision making and challenges habits. business benefits with the help of technology-focused initiatives. For instance, a successful digital strategy can increase sales, enhance brand visibility, improve customer support, or help businesses easily connect with their target audience. The benefits of good digital strategies are limitless. Unfortunately, a tiny percentage of companies take advantage of the full potential digital media tools provide them with, thus resulting in experiencing a limited amount of advantages from digital strategies.

Online Digital Strategy Consulting

The digital world is constantly changing, and companies must adjust

We all know the digital world comes with many different properties but what exactly makes it complex and difficult to comprehend for so many people out there?

Well, most of it comes from the fact that the digital world is constantly changing. Because of that, companies have to make frequent changes in their digital transformation process and strategy to adjust to the current trends across various digital platforms.

As a highly fast-paced world, everything happening online is rushed compared to the offline world. Therefore, companies that strive for digital transformation and want to keep up with the latest trends must frequently revise and adjust their digital strategies to achieve the best results.

We are at the beginning

Now that you know more about digital transformation process, let’s go back to the ultimate question – where are we currently in this entire process?

Some people believe the process of digital transformation is coming to an end, with the remotest places on our planet catching up with the modern uses of technology. However, that’s not entirely accurate.

The truth is, we’re still at the very early stages of digital transformation. Thanks to faster networks, valuable tools and devices, and better digital infrastructure, the process of digital transformation is expected to accelerate soon. However, we’re still far away from the end of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a never-ending process

Finally, we can confidently say that digital transformation will never be fully complete. Because of the changing nature of this process, many IT experts agree that society will never reach a stage where they’re delighted with where they stand with digital technology.

Digital transformation is a never-ending process that’ll keep on improving all its existing processes and creating new, better ones. However, it’s impossible to accurately predict where the future of technology will take us, making the entire process even more intriguing. Time to hire an experianced digital strategy consulting team !


It’s safe to say we’re still in the very early days of the digital revolution. Although society now has a digital structure, networks, data centers, and devices, we’re still far away from exploiting the full potential of all data we produce.

However, because of faster networks, massive hosting machines, and infrastructure (Cloud, Hyperscale cloud hosters, etc.), we’re now one step closer to enabling AI and big data exploitation in the future. How will you exploit digital transformation? Get in touch with us, and let’s find out together!


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