5 Top growth Hacking trends in 2022

growth hacking trends

Growth hacking tactics and strategies are not set in stone. The paradigm changes every once in a while. The change is often driven by new technologies, competitors’ strategies, and emerging customers’ needs and wants. Knowing which growth hacking trends and strategies will for sure help you be ahead of your competition. We’re here to help you get an overview of the most important growth hacking trends for this year, so you don’t have to wander around. Here are the 5-top growth hacking trends in 2022.

Growth hacking tactics: gamifying learning experiences

For those of you that don’t know what gamifying is, here is a quick recap — gamifying refers to using game design elements and mechanics outside of games to achieve various goals. In other words, you can use game elements and mechanics in your growth hacking strategies. One of the most prominent trends is using gamification in learning experiences.

Gamification has already given amazing results in the eLearning sector. It helps engage students and improves information retention.

It can help you do wonders with your content as well. Instead of presenting your prospects, leads, and customers with a wall of text, you can break it down into smaller chunks. Potential customers can then unlock new “chunks” by completing challenges, for instance.

Gamification can make your marketing campaign fresh and attractive to modern customers who are already familiar with playing games on their mobile devices.

Growth hacking tactics: content repurposing and publishing on different channels

It’s hard to keep the content wheel spinning when you don’t have enough resources. The common pitfall of many marketers is delivering the new content for the sake of new content. This is why the newly emerging growth hacking trend is content repurposing. In fact, content recycling is one of the best ways to expand your content reach in a cost-efficient way — two key principles of growth hacking.

Content repurposing makes content scaling a walk in the park. You can derive several new content pieces from a single piece of evergreen content. The best thing about it is that you can then publish it on different channels to maximize its reach.

The hardest part would be to content repurposing. But with a bit of practice, you will be able to do it almost effortlessly.

Growth hacking trend: Big data lakes, fast analysis, faster decisions

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Every business generates data these days. Growth hacker marketing team need to understand how to properly exploit this data and accelerate decision making. All your online sales and marketing efforts generate data, and you should really start looking at them as data streams. Your business processes are also data streams. All of this data makes what experts call big data. It can be analyzed so that you can identify patterns and trends.

Given the popularity of big data and analysis across industries, it’s safe to assume that this growth hacking trend is going to stay with us in the foreseeable future. Ultimately, you want to promote sustainable business growth. To do it, you need to make strategic decisions.

However, you can make decisions in the dark. You need the data to weed out the faulty ones. That’s where big data and analysis come in to help you make data-informed decisions and achieve the best results possible.

Gowth hacking tactics: Data-driven and predictive SEO

Data-driven and predictive SEO is the next top growth hacking trend in 2022. Growth hacker marketing teams needs to understand what means predictive SEO to focus production efforts where it pays off. Data is the key element of every stage of SEO strategy development. Data-driven SEO is straightforward to understand — it implies using data when devising an SEO strategy. It applies to all stages, including keyword research, user-behavior monitoring, improving CTR rates, dwell times, and preventing pogo-sticking.

Paired with predictive SEO, data-driven SEO can deliver amazing results. Predictive SEO is all about anticipating what customers will end up looking for and needing in the future. Using this information to target keywords can help you rank better in the future. The trend encompasses past data analysis, future content topics identification, and Google Trends utilization.

Growth Hacking tactics: Gamifying onboarding

The success of ensuring repeat business boils down to how good your onboarding strategies are. Your marketing and sales team can do a lot better if they can deliver engaging experiences to customers. Gamification comes once again to save the day. The last top growth hacking trend for 2022 is gamifying onboarding.

Onboarding can be too dull, overwhelming, or complex for some customers. Making the experience more attractive and enjoyable can do wonders in terms of building customer relationships and ensuring repeat business. Still, onboarding is a process that is useful for specific products, so keep this in mind.


Hopefully, you found these 5 top growth hacking trends in 2022 interesting. As you can see, there is one thing that some of these trends share in common — data. Data is the only thing that truly empowers growth hacking strategies. Identifying relevant data sources, collecting data, analyzing it, and using it to drive business decisions is paramount for success. Growth hacker led marketing team can help you achieve this. Get in touch if you have questions.


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